Skip Bayless Claims Luka Doncic is a Superior Player to Trae Young

According to Skip Bayless, Luka Doncic Is a Better Player Than Trae Young

In recent weeks, sports pundits have become more and more vocal in their opinion of who is the better player between NBA stars Luka Doncic and Trae Young. Skip Bayless, one of the most prominent voices in sports media, has declared that Doncic is definitively the better player.

Bayless made his claim on his popular show Undisputed, stating that Doncic is far ahead of Young in terms of both individual and team success. He points to Doncic’s 18 triple-doubles this season, more than double Young’s 8, as evidence of his superior playmaking ability. Doncic is also leading his team, the Dallas Mavericks, to the 5th-best record in the West while Young’s Atlanta Hawks are in 11th place.

Bayless also believes that Doncic is a better shooter than Young, citing his higher 3-point and free throw percentages as well as the fact that Doncic takes and makes tougher shots. While Young is a gifted scorer, Bayless believes Doncic’s ability to make the right decisions with the ball and set up his teammates for success makes him the more complete player.

Ultimately, Bayless believes that Doncic’s superior winning percentage, leadership and playmaking makes him the clear choice. While the debate will likely continue, it’s clear that Bayless has made up his mind on who is the better player.

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