“Impressive Marseille Fans’ Tifo and Vitinha’s Quick Goal in OM – Troyes Match”

"Impressive Marseille Fans
"Impressive Marseille Fans

“Impressive Marseille Fans’ Tifo and Vitinha’s Quick Goal in OM – Troyes Match”

Impressive Marseille Fans’ Tifo and Vitinha’s Quick Goal in OM – Troyes Match

Marseille fans welcomed their team at the Velodrome Stadium with an impressive tifo. The giant banner showcased the Marseille skyline, and a message that read “Dans Les Yeux de l’Europe,” which translates to “In the Eyes of Europe.” The visual was spectacular, and it set the tone for the game between Marseille and Troyes, which took place on August 22nd, 2021.

Marseille Fans Did It Again

Marseille fans have made headlines for their tifos before, but they seem to outdo themselves each time. The tifo displayed before the match against Troyes was no exception. It covered over three sections of the stands and was a sight to behold.

The Marseille supporters also displayed a simple message that read, “We Play Together.” Even after such a long period without fans, the supporters made sure to come back with a bang. They expressed enthusiasm, passion, and loyalty in their display, and it was evident that they meant business.

Vitinha’s Quick Goal Seals the Deal

The game started in favor of Marseille, with the home team dominating play. The first goal came after only five minutes when Vitinha scored, capitalizing on a scramble in the penalty box. The goal was his first for Marseille since signing on loan from Wolverhampton, and it was a memorable one.

The visitors, Troyes, tried to level the scores, but Marseille managed to hold them off. The second half was less eventful, with few clear chances created. Marseille was in control and managed to secure the three points, with a scoreline of 1-0.


In summary, the Marseille fans displayed an amazing tifo before the game against Troyes that showcased their passion, loyalty, and enthusiasm for the club. Vitinha’s quick goal in the fifth minute of the game was all that Marseille needed to secure the win. It was a great game, and both players and fans played their parts in making it memorable. #

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