“What happened to the plans for a women’s edition of Milan-Sanremo?”

"What happened to the plans for a women

“What happened to the plans for a women’s edition of Milan-Sanremo?”

What Happened to the Plans for a Women’s Edition of Milan-Sanremo?

In 2020, cycling enthusiasts and advocates of gender equality sparked a conversation about launching a women’s edition of Milan-Sanremo, one of Italy’s most prestigious one-day bicycle races. However, in the following year, there are no concrete plans for its realization.

The Origins of the Proposal

The idea to create a women’s edition of Milan-Sanremo dates back to 2018, when the organizer of the race, RCS Sport, announced that they would be holding a one-day women’s race in conjunction with the men’s event. However, due to a lack of available sponsorships, the idea was shelved. Two years later, in 2020, the idea was reinstated, this time with more traction and attention.

The Campaign for Women’s Race

The proposal for a women’s edition of Milan-Sanremo was part of a larger movement for greater gender equality in cycling. In recent years, there has been an increased push from individuals and organizations to introduce more professional and amateur races for women, as well as provide greater support and funding to develop these races.

The Potential Obstacles

Despite the positivity surrounding the proposal, the potential roadblocks that have been identified are not insubstantial. One of the most pressing issues is the availability of sponsors, as it is essential to have sufficient funds to organize and execute a high-profile event such as this. Additionally, there is the challenge of finding an optimal date to hold the women’s edition of the race considering the busy cycling calendar.

The Current Status

As mentioned earlier, there has been no concrete update regarding the possibility of a women’s edition of Milan-Sanremo. Discussions and proposals for the event are ongoing, but it is still unclear when – or if – the race will be launched.


While the concept of women’s edition of Milan-Sanremo has been proposed multiple times, no definitive plans have been set in motion. Though the push for greater gender equality in cycling is gaining momentum, there are still notable hurdles that need to be overcome for this particular event to come to fruition. #SPORT

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