SZA Celebrates Miley Cyrus’ Chart-Topping Success With “Flowers” and Hints at Possible Collaboration

SZA Congratulates Miley Cyrus on “Flowers” Going No. 1, Teases Potential Collab

SZA took to Twitter on Monday (March 1) to congratulate Miley Cyrus for her song “Flowers” achieving the number one spot on Adult Pop Songs radio. The song marks the singer’s first solo number one on a radio chart.

In her tweet, SZA wrote: “Yaaaaaaaaayyyyyy [Miley Cyrus] !! That’s my girl! Congrats on the number 1 !! That’s what happens when u get back to singing and writing u own music with all your soul. I feel that !!! Let’s do something now! It’s only right.”

SZA’s tweet sparked speculation that the two artists might be collaborating in the near future. Fans of both Cyrus and SZA have been hoping for such a collaboration for some time and with SZA’s tweet, it looks increasingly likely that such a collaboration might just happen.

In addition to her congratulatory tweet, SZA also shared a video of herself dancing to “Flowers” on Instagram. SZA has long been a fan of Cyrus, previously sharing a video of herself singing along to the singer’s hit single “Malibu”.

The potential collaboration between SZA and Cyrus could have major implications on the music industry. As two of the hottest female artists in the world right now, a collaboration between them could potentially create a massive hit and further solidify their respective legacies.

Although nothing has been officially announced, it looks like something might be in the works between SZA and Cyrus. With new collaborations being announced left and right, we can only hope that something is officially announced soon.

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