Shoppers Criticize Fabletics’ Revealing Leggings

Fabletics butt-baring leggings spark backlash as shoppers roast the X-rated ‘workout gear’

Fabletics, the popular athletic wear brand, recently released a new style of leggings that has sparked a great deal of controversy. The leggings, which feature a sheer panel in the back, have been dubbed “butt-baring leggings” by some shoppers who have taken to social media to share their outrage and confusion.

The leggings, which retail for $59.95, have been met with mixed reactions from shoppers. While some have praised the daring fashion choice, many have been left scratching their heads about the appropriateness of the design. On Twitter, one user wrote “Who in their right mind wears butt-baring leggings to the gym?” while another asked “Where are these leggings appropriate? Not the gym, that’s for sure.”

Many customers have also expressed their concern that Fabletics is trying to capitalize on the “workout gear” trend by selling leggings that are more suggestive than practical. While the brand may have intended the design to be daring and fashion-forward, some shoppers have argued that the leggings are too revealing to be considered appropriate workout attire.

Despite the backlash, Fabletics stands by the design and has defended the leggings as a “trendy and fashion-forward” way to update one’s activewear wardrobe. The brand’s website encourages customers to “express yourself” with the leggings and lists them as a “must-have fashion piece.”

Only time will tell if the “butt-baring leggings” will be a hit or a miss among Fabletics shoppers. Until then, shoppers will have to make their own decisions about the appropriateness of the design.

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