Shippers Rejoice: League of Legends’ New Valentine’s Day Skins Feature an Adorable Recall Interaction Between Vi and Caitlyn

Shippers rejoice: League’s new Valentine’s Day skins feature cute recall interaction between Vi and Caitlyn

Shippers Rejoice! League of Legends’ New Valentine’s Day Skins Feature Cute Recall Interactions Between Vi and Caitlyn

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and League of Legends is bringing the love with their latest skins for Vi and Caitlyn. The skins feature a cute recall interaction between the two that is sure to make shippers of the pair rejoice.

Vi and Caitlyn are two of the most popular champions in the game and their bickering dynamic has always been a fan-favorite. With the release of their Valentine’s Day skins, their relationship has been given a new level of depth.

The new skins feature the two in a romantic embrace, with Vi in her signature blue and Caitlyn in her signature pink. The recall animation between the two is especially noteworthy, as Vi holds Caitlyn close and offers her a bouquet of roses.

This romantic scene is sure to make any fan of the ship (or Vi and Caitlyn as individuals) swoon. The skins also come with special emotes that feature Vi and Caitlyn’s banter, complete with blushing and playful expressions.

Overall, the new League of Legends Valentine’s Day skins for Vi and Caitlyn are sure to make any shipper of the pair happy. With the addition of the cute recall animation, the skins are a great way to celebrate the holiday and show your love for the two champions.

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