“Rising Origin Star Shines Brighter as ‘Directionless’ Manly Struggle: Top Tackles”

"Rising Origin Star Shines Brighter as
"Rising Origin Star Shines Brighter as

“Rising Origin Star Shines Brighter as ‘Directionless’ Manly Struggle: Top Tackles”

Rising Origin Star Shines Brighter as ‘Directionless’ Manly Struggle: Top Tackles

The 2021 NRL season has been nothing short of a rollercoaster ride for the Manly Sea Eagles and their supporters. It’s been a constant struggle to find their footing with injuries and suspensions plaguing their players. But amidst the chaos, one player has stood out as a shining star: Josh Schuster. The 20-year-old has made his presence known on the field with his impressive skills and incredible tackles.

Josh Schuster: A Rising Star

Growing up on the Northern Beaches, Schuster always had his sights set on playing for the Manly Sea Eagles. He joined the club’s junior system at the age of five and worked his way through the ranks. The hard work finally paid off in 2020, when he made his NRL debut for the Sea Eagles.

Schuster’s playing style is unique – he’s a big man who can play in the halves or the back row. It’s this versatility that makes him such a valuable player for Manly. He’s also an incredibly strong defender, who isn’t afraid to put his body on the line to stop the opposition from scoring.

A Directionless Manly Struggle

The 2021 NRL season has been a tough one for Manly. The Sea Eagles have been plagued with injuries and suspensions throughout the year, and it’s been a constant struggle to find their footing. The team has had a directionless struggle, with a lack of consistency on the field.

However, one player who has remained consistent in his efforts is Josh Schuster. He’s been a shining light for the Sea Eagles, providing some much-needed stability on the field. Schuster’s impressive performances have been a beacon of hope for Manly, and a reminder of the kind of talent the club has in its ranks.

Top Tackles

One area where Schuster has really shone this season is in his tackling. He’s made some incredible tackles, with his technique and power being second to none. Schuster’s tackling has been instrumental in keeping the opposition from scoring, and has been a crucial aspect of Manly’s defensive strategy.

In a game against the Cronulla Sharks earlier this season, Schuster made an incredible try-saving tackle that left everyone in awe. His strength and technique were on full display, as he stopped the Sharks from scoring what would have been a game-changing try.


Josh Schuster has been a rising star in the NRL this season, despite Manly’s struggles on the field. The 20-year-old has been a consistent performer for the Sea Eagles, showcasing his versatility and strength in both attack and defence. His tackling has been particularly impressive, with Schuster making some incredible tackles throughout the season. As Manly looks to find their footing in the second half of the 2021 NRL season, they can take comfort in the fact that they have a talented player like Josh Schuster in their ranks.

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