Pentagon to Launch New Cyber Workforce Strategy ‘Imminent’

Pentagon to Release New Cyber Workforce Strategy ‘Any Day Now’

According to reports, the Pentagon is expected to release its new cyber workforce strategy “any day now.” The strategy, which is said to be more comprehensive than ever before, is expected to focus on ways to recruit, train, and retain a modern cyber workforce that can keep pace with the rapidly evolving threats posed by malicious actors.

The strategy is also expected to address the need for a “whole-of-nation” approach to cyber defense. This would involve collaboration between the private sector, federal agencies, state and local governments, and academia in order to develop a comprehensive cyber defense strategy.

The strategy is also expected to include measures to incentivize the recruitment and retention of cybersecurity experts and professionals. This could include offering tuition assistance and other forms of training and development.

The strategy is part of the Pentagon’s broader push to modernize and strengthen its cyber capabilities. This push comes as cyber-attacks are becoming increasingly common, and as the US military is looking to improve its ability to defend against such attacks.

The Pentagon will likely face challenges in implementing the new strategy. For one, there is a shortage of cybersecurity professionals, and it can be difficult to find and hire people with the skills and knowledge necessary to protect against cyber-attacks. Additionally, there is still much debate over the role the government should play in the cybersecurity space.

Regardless, the new cyber workforce strategy is expected to be an important step in the Pentagon’s efforts to better protect the US from malicious actors. An official release is expected “any day now.”

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