Naming cats in Gent animal shelter after participants of De Mol

Naming cats in Gent animal shelter after participants of De Mol
Naming cats in Gent animal shelter after participants of De Mol

Naming cats in Gent animal shelter after participants of De Mol

Naming Cats in Gent Animal Shelter after Participants of De Mol

Do you remember the finalists of the reality TV show De Mol? On the Belgian TV channel VIER, De Mol or “The Mole” is a competition where a group of contestants tries to figure out who among them is the mole – a saboteur hired by the producers to undermine their efforts. Now, the cats at the Gent animal shelter are getting a new name, and the finalists of De Mol are their inspiration.

Naming the Cats

The animal shelter in Gent, Belgium is home to many cats awaiting their forever homes. The staff at the shelter decided to name their cats after the finalists of De Mol to promote adoption and raise awareness. They believe that naming these cats after popular TV contestants would help them get attention, and convince people to adopt them.

The Finalists of De Mol

Michiel, Olga, Martijn, and Lloyd – these are the names of the finalists of De Mol, and also the names of some of Gent animal shelter’s cats. The shelter staff hopes that the finalists’ fans would be delighted in adopting cats named after them. They encourage potential adopters to visit the shelter and meet Michiel, Olga, Martijn, and Lloyd, who are all in need of loving homes.

Raising Awareness for Animal Welfare

The naming of cats after the finalists of De Mol is not only an excellent marketing strategy to promote adoption of the shelter’s felines but also a way of advocating for animal welfare. The Gent animal shelter is committed to taking in stray and abandoned animals and finding them a new home. With this unique naming campaign for their cats, they can raise awareness about the importance of pet adoption, spaying and neutering, and responsible pet ownership.

The Power of Names

Naming animals is a crucial aspect of caring for them, and the names we give them have more meaning than we think. A name can give an animal identity, personality, and a connection with their owners. It also shows how much we value them and acknowledges them as a part of our family. By naming their cats after De Mol contestants, the Gent animal shelter is giving these cats a new identity and a better chance at finding a forever home.


Pet adoption is a noble gesture, and it starts with a visit to the animal shelter. The Gent animal shelter’s campaign of naming cats after the finalists of De Mol is a fun and creative way of promoting pet adoption and raising awareness about animal welfare. The power of names is undeniable, and giving cats identity through naming can make a difference in finding them a new home. So, come and visit the Gent animal shelter, and maybe you will be lucky enough to give Martijn, Michiel, Olga, or Lloyd their forever home.

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