“Michael Schumacher’s Family Pursues Legal Action Against False AI Interview About Family Planning”

"Michael Schumacher
"Michael Schumacher

“Michael Schumacher’s Family Pursues Legal Action Against False AI Interview About Family Planning”

Michael Schumacher’s Family Pursues Legal Action Against False AI Interview About Family Planning

The family of seven-time Formula One champion, Michael Schumacher, has requested legal action against a fake artificial intelligence (AI) interview circulating online that made wrong statements about the family’s plans for the medical care of Michael. The AI-generated interview was released last week, and it seemed to quote Schumacher as stating he was willing to be euthanized.

The False Interview and the Family’s Counteraction

The fake interview was published by a website named “New Generation” with a transcript proclaiming Michael’s formula 1 comeback, his thoughts on the Covid-19 epidemic, Brexit, and the family’s plans for the future. The Schumacher family has called the interview “a blatant violation of their privacy, legal rights, and personal rights.”

In a statement yesterday, the family stated, “We will in no way tolerate such dubious practices. The false interview merely hurts Michael’s fans and us. They’re taking advantage of the circumstance to noodle with the news for their own gain. Magnifying on personal issues concerning Michael’s health does not improve the situation.”

The Need to Search for the Culprit

According to Michael Schumacher’s official website, a large number of Schumacher fans have since signed the family’s petition with the goal of having the interview withdrawn. The Schumacher family has promised to take legal action against individuals responsible for the fake interview, with the family’s senior legal advisor, Felix Damm, saying they will use all possible resources to track and sue the guilty parties.

“We are here to act against people who harm our legal rights with their illicit activities or give false hope to some naive, unsuspecting people who trust the source without sufficient scrutiny,” Damm said.

The Family’s Fight to Protect their Rights

The Schumacher family had always been cautious about allowing media access to Michael since his tragic skiing accident in 2013, which left him with significant brain injuries. Over the past year, the family published a few updates on the racer’s health through social media, and they have continued to do so. The family has always been aware of the need to protect Michael’s privacy and prosecute those who breach it.


As we all hold our breaths for the truthful response about Michael Schumacher’s condition, there have been rumors and false statements made that only make the scenario worse. Michael’s family has taken legal action against reports that lack credibility and aim to cause distress to his fans and family. This incident is a reminder to us that we should be vigilant before believing or sharing anything online. The Schumacher family’s sojourn to defend Michael’s privacy is an appeal that we should all respect.

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