Marcos and Trade Chief Pascual Court Swiss Mining Company Glencore at Davos

Marcos, Trade Chief Pascual woo Swiss mining firm Glencore in Davos

In Davos, Switzerland, on January 15th, 2018, Carlos Pascual, Trade Chief at Glencore, presented a keynote on the company’s new trade strategy, “The Glencore era of innovation.” The strategy involves Glencore investing in new technologies and trade strategies to increase production and grow sales.

This strategy is in line with Glencore’s vision to become a leading player in global commodities. Glencore plans to grow production by 50% this year and 60% next year. The company plans to invest in new technology to improve productivity and quality. Glencore also plans to expand its global market share.

Europe is Glencore’s main focus. The company plans to increase exports to Europe by 10% this year and 20% next year. The company is also looking to expand its presence in Asia. Glencore plans to grow its exports to Asia by 25% this year and 50% next year.

The global commodities market is changing. Glencore is changing with it.

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