Many Cancer Patients Do Not Receive Assistance with Transportation, Survey Finds

Many Cancer Patients Are Not Screened for Transportation Insecurity, Survey Suggests

A recent survey conducted by the American Cancer Society has revealed that many cancer patients are not screened for transportation insecurity. This lack of screening could have serious implications for their health, as access to cancer treatments is often limited by a lack of transportation.

The survey included 5,637 cancer patients from across the US and found that only 15.8% had been asked about their transportation needs during their last appointment. This is especially concerning when considering the fact that transportation insecurity is a major barrier for many cancer patients who are seeking treatment. Without access to reliable transportation, cancer patients may be unable to get to their appointments on time, potentially leading to missed treatments and worse health outcomes.

The survey also found that patients from lower-income households and those living in rural areas were less likely to be screened for transportation insecurity. These patients are at an even greater risk of transportation insecurity, as they may not have access to public transportation or the financial resources to pay for private transportation.

The American Cancer Society is urging doctors to screen all cancer patients for transportation insecurity, as it is essential that every patient has access to the transportation they need to receive the care and treatments they require. This will help ensure that all cancer patients receive the best possible care and treatments, regardless of their financial situation or where they live.

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