Kevvie’s reaction to Rugby raid for Broncos superstar: No reason to leave


Kevvie’s reaction to Rugby raid for Broncos superstar: No reason to leave

Kevvie’s Reaction to Rugby Raid for Broncos Superstar: No Reason to Leave

The Broncos Scandal

Brisbane Broncos coach Kevvie Walters has reacted fiercely to rumors that a “rugby raid” could lure the team’s star, Kotoni Staggs, to union. There was much speculation about how the recent scandal which involved many of the Broncos players, including Staggs, could have influenced his decision to potentially switch from rugby league to rugby union. However, Walters believes there is “no reason” for the young gun to leave the side.

“We Want to Keep Him”

Speaking to the press, Walters admitted that he was unaware of any potential rugby move by Staggs. He said that the Broncos considered Staggs to be one of their most important players. Hence, the team is keen to keep him as they rebuild the squad after a poor 2020 season. Walters declared that Staggs knew that the Broncos wanted to keep him and there was no reason for the young star to leave.


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Summary: Brisbane Broncos coach, Kevvie Walters, has expressed his opposition to rumors that Kotoni Staggs could be close to signing with Rugby Union. Walters said that Staggs was a vital piece of the rebuilding project at the Broncos and that there was no reason for Staggs to leave the club. The rugby league superstar was in the middle of a scandal with other Broncos players that occurred last year.


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