Karl Stefanovic’s daughter Willow opens up about her parents’ separation

Karl Stefanovic

Karl Stefanovic’s daughter Willow opens up about her parents’ separation

Karl Stefanovic’s Daughter Willow Talks about Her Parents’ Separation

Karl Stefanovic, an Australian television presenter, and journalist, separated from his wife, Cassandra Thorburn, after 21 years of being together. Since then, the couple has moved on with their separate lives, but their daughter Willow Stefanovic, recently shared how their split impacted her life.

Willow Speaks Up

Willow, 17, spoke candidly about her parents’ separation on the podcast “Divorce Story: Surviving Separation” hosted by former Australian Olympian, divorcee, and single mother, Samantha Gash. She stated that every child’s experience of their parents’ separation is different and that she never wanted her parents to split, but it was what it was.

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How Willow Dealt with the Separation

Willow also revealed that she was in boarding school when her parents separated, which made it even more challenging. Her friends were supportive, but she had to keep her emotions in check as she didn’t want to burden anyone with her problems. However, she admitted that talking to a therapist about her parents’ separation was helpful and recommended it for anyone going through a similar experience.

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No Resentment Towards Her Parents

Despite their separation, Willow has no resentment towards her parents and understands that it was the best decision for them. She said that she loves them both and that they are doing the best they can for their family.

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In summary, Karl Stefanovic’s daughter, Willow, has spoken up about her parents’ separation and how it affected her life. She admitted that it wasn’t easy, especially being away in boarding school, but therapy was helpful in dealing with her emotions. However, she has no resentment towards her parents and loves them both. Her message to others going through a similar experience is to find support and not be afraid to seek professional help. #ENTERTAINMENT

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