Greg Simmons, Veteran KSAT Sports Anchor, Resigns Following DWI Charge

Veteran KSAT sports anchor Greg Simmons resigns after DWI charge

Veteran KSAT Sports Anchor Greg Simmons has resigned from his position following a DWI charge.

Simmons, who had worked for KSAT for 16 years, had been charged with DWI a few days prior to his resignation. His last appearance on the KSAT news desk was on Tuesday, January 14th.

In a statement released by KSAT, it was clarified that Simmons had tendered his resignation and that the station accepted it. They also stated that they respected his decision to move on and wished him the best of luck in his future endeavors.

KSAT General Manager Phil Lane also stated that Simmons had been a valued member of the team, and that he was grateful for the years of service he had provided to the station. He added that it was unfortunate that this incident had occurred and that the station respected Simmons’ decision to leave.

Simmons had been with KSAT for nearly two decades and was a popular figure in the San Antonio sports community. He was a passionate sports fan and was well-liked by viewers.

This latest incident has been a shock to the San Antonio sports community, and many people have taken to social media to express their sadness and support for Simmons. While his future remains unclear, it is apparent that his departure from KSAT will be a great loss to the station and to the San Antonio sports community.

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