“Golub Capital’s Dominant Performance: New Middle-Market Originations of $157.4M in Q2”

"Golub Capital
"Golub Capital

“Golub Capital’s Dominant Performance: New Middle-Market Originations of $157.4M in Q2”

Golub Capital’s Dominant Performance: New Middle-Market Originations of $157.4M in Q2

Golub Capital, a credit asset manager known for its proficiency in the middle-market space, announced that it has secured new originations worth a combined $157.4 million in Q2 2021. This announcement came shortly after its Q1 results, where it recorded its highest quarterly originations of $2.7 billion.

Golub Capital’s Middle-Market Focus

Golub Capital is a specialist in providing financing solutions to middle-market businesses across multiple sectors. As a result of the pandemic-induced economic slowdown in 2020, the company experienced a lower level of activity like most other businesses. Golub’s efforts to adapt to market conditions during that period, however, have paid off considerably in the current year.

Diversified Portfolio and Enhanced Flexibility

The company’s availability of funds has increased in comparison to the previous financial periods due to greater flexibility in its funding sources. These sources include credit facilities, institutional capital, and retail funds. The funds’ increased flexibility has allowed Golub Capital to maintain a substantial financing portfolio of different asset types and provide a wider range of attractive investment opportunities for its clients.

New Deals in Q2

Golub Capital’s Q2 2021 financial results indicate that it secured new originations of $157.4 million from three different companies. The deals included $57.4 million in financing for Freedom Forever, a solar panel installer, $50 million in financing for Inspired Education, a private school operator, and $50 million in financing for Infinity Healthcare Management, a healthcare service provider.

Future Outlook and Potential Expansion

Golub Capital expects to maintain its current level of activity and improve it in the future, given the higher availability of funds, a diversified portfolio, and increased flexibility in its funding sources. The company anticipates the support of the US government’s efforts to stimulate the economy as a promising indicator for the future with the possibility of potential expansion into new markets.


Golub Capital’s success in securing new originations in Q2 demonstrates its ability to weather market fluctuations and remain a trustworthy and reliable funding source. Its diversified portfolio and availability of funds offer great flexibility to its clients, making it an attractive option for middle-market companies seeking financing solutions.

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