Dax Harwood’s Initial Dislike of Sami Zayn

Dax Harwood did not like Sami Zayn at first before he became ‘one of my favorite traveling partners’

When Dax Harwood first encountered Sami Zayn, he didn’t think much of him. Harwood had just joined the WWE Performance Center and Zayn was already established on the main roster. Despite his impressive in-ring skills, Harwood didn’t feel any connection to the Montreal-born wrestler.

But over time, the two struck up a friendship. After training together in the Performance Center and traveling together for WWE events, Harwood and Zayn quickly developed a bond. Harwood soon recognized Zayn’s passion for the business and his willingness to help out others, which made him appreciate the former NXT Champion even more.

Now, the two are close friends. Harwood has gone so far as to call Zayn “one of my favorite traveling partners.” They often share funny stories and exchange advice while on the road and they’ve even been known to goof off together in the locker room.

Harwood and Zayn have become the best of friends, and it all started with a chance encounter. While Harwood may have been skeptical of Zayn at first, his opinion has certainly changed over time. He can now confidently call Zayn a friend, something he wouldn’t have thought possible when they first met.

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