Corona forces legendary game expo E3 to cancel its 2020 edition

Corona forces legendary game expo E3 to cancel its 2020 edition

Corona forces legendary game expo E3 to cancel its 2020 edition

Corona forces legendary game expo E3 to cancel its 2020 edition

The announcement

After months of rumors and speculations, the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) finally announced on March 11th that it would cancel the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2020. The reason behind the exhibit’s cancellation is none other than the corona pandemic, which has been ravaging the world.

This year’s E3 was set to be held in Los Angeles, California, between June 9th and June 11th. As one of the largest and most anticipated game shows in the world, it was one of the industry’s biggest networking, marketing, and community-building opportunities. However, the organizers have faced numerous challenges since the deadly coronavirus emerged.

The impact

The organizers of the E3 game expo have reportedly canceled the event due to the virus’s spread. The sudden cancellation of the E3 event is expected to have serious financial repercussions for the expo’s industry. The exhibition is a significant showcase for new and upcoming games, developers, accessory manufacturers, and tech firms. It is an opportunity for companies to generate hype around their products, with many launches taking place during the conference week.

According to reports, the cancellation leaves many game developers in limbo. Many companies such as Xbox, EA, and Nintendo have used this game expo to showcase the latest games and hardware where gamers can check out the new releases and consoles. The E3 event will greatly impact the gaming industry, which is worth billions of dollars.

The Future

As the world grapples with the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, many industries have explored new methods of conducting product showcases online. Some events, like Google I/O, have offered virtual versions of their events to keep developers and the public abreast of announcements. The ESA said it is exploring options for an online event, and among other big events that have canceled or delayed until a later date due to the pandemic.

The coronavirus pandemic has caused considerable upheaval for business all over the world, regardless of size or industry. The effects of it have been far-reaching, and the upcoming E3 game expo’s cancellation is just the latest example of how the virus is impacting businesses and industries globally.


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Summary: The E3 game expo for 2020 has been canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic’s impacts. The expo is a significant event for the gaming industry, which generates billions of dollars. Many game developers are left uncertain about the future of their games, and the future of the event itself. The pandemic continues to impact businesses and industries all over the world. The ESA is exploring options for an online event. #TECH

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