China’s impending steel production cuts weigh down iron ore prices – MINING.COM


China’s impending steel production cuts weigh down iron ore prices – MINING.COM

China’s Impending Steel Production Cuts Weigh Down Iron Ore Prices – MINING.COM

The Impact of China’s Steel Production Cuts

China is one of the largest producers of steel in the world, and as the country faces emission reduction targets, policy changes have been made to cut down on production. As a result of the impending steel cuts, prices of iron ore have been decreasing. In December 2021, prices of iron ore had dropped 25% in less than a month.

China’s Emission Reduction Targets

The Chinese government has set a goal of cutting down carbon emissions by at least 65% by 2030. One of the ways the country plans on achieving this goal is through the reduction of steel production. While it is unclear exactly how much production will be cut, the government has made it clear that they will be enforcing stricter environmental regulations, limiting production in highly polluting industries like steel.

Effects on Iron Ore Prices

China’s plans for steel production cuts have heavily impacted iron ore prices. China consumes over 70% of seaborne iron ore, and with the potential decrease in production, the demand for iron ore may also diminish. Iron ore prices are said to be highly dependent on steel prices, and with the impending cut in steel production, the prices of iron ore have dropped significantly.

Possible Solutions

Companies that rely on iron ore minerals are seeking alternative solutions as the price of the resource continues to decrease. Some companies are looking towards cleaner and more sustainable ways of producing steel, such as using hydrogen instead of coal. Others are looking into recycling steel as a way to reduce their reliance on iron ore. As China continues to cut down on steel production, it is important for companies to find ways to adapt to the changing market.


The impending steel production cuts in China have caused iron ore prices to decrease, impacting companies that rely on the mineral. As China aims to reduce carbon emissions, industries like steel are facing stricter regulations and production cuts. Companies must adapt to the changing market by finding alternative solutions to iron ore and moving towards more sustainable production methods. The impact of China’s steel production cuts on the iron ore industry is significant, and the global market must continue to adjust to these changes.

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