Brooke Shields Discusses Rape Experience in ‘Pretty Baby’ Documentary at Sundance

Brooke Shields recounts rape in ‘Pretty Baby’ documentary at Sundance

At Sundance Film Festival this year, actress Brooke Shields recounted a traumatic experience of sexual assault in her new documentary “Pretty Baby.” Shields revealed that when she was just 14 years old, she was raped by a makeup artist while shooting a movie.

The harrowing account of Shields’ experience appears in the film, which chronicles the challenges of growing up in the spotlight. While attending the premier, Shields opened up about the event, saying that she felt it was necessary to include it in the documentary. She explained that she didn’t want her story to be forgotten or overlooked.

Shields said that coming forward with her story was difficult, but important. She wanted to put a spotlight on the issue of rape and encourage other survivors to come forward and tell their stories. She hopes that by doing so, others will not feel as alone or as scared as she did.

The actress shared her story of strength and courage, saying that she had to find the courage to tell her story and make sure that it doesn’t happen to other people. She also expressed her belief that it is important for survivors of sexual assault to tell their stories to help lift the stigma surrounding the issue and make sure that justice is served.

Shields’ account of the rape serves as an important reminder that no one should have to experience such a traumatic event. It is a powerful reminder that it is essential to provide support and understanding to survivors of sexual assault, and to work towards creating a culture of consent where everyone is respected and safe.

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