Big E Praises Bad Bunny’s Role as Host of WWE Backlash Beyond Financial Benefits

Big E Praises Bad Bunny
Big E Praises Bad Bunny

Big E Praises Bad Bunny’s Role as Host of WWE Backlash Beyond Financial Benefits

Big E Praises Bad Bunny’s Role as Host of WWE Backlash Beyond Financial Benefits


WWE Backlash 2021, which took place on May 16, was a highly anticipated event in the world of wrestling. Fans were thrilled to see Bad Bunny, the popular Latin American artist, serve as the host of the event. However, it was not just the fans who were impressed with Bad Bunny’s performance. Big E, one of WWE’s top wrestlers, took to Twitter to laud the singer for his role in the event.

The Tweet:

Big E tweeted, “As someone who loves this industry, it warms my heart when a true fan gets to live out his/her dream. Not only did @sanbenito put in work in the ring, but he was also an excellent host tonight. Much love to him and all involved. #BadBunny #WWEBacklash”

Why Big E’s Tweet Matters:

Big E’s tweet is significant for several reasons. For one, it shows that Bad Bunny’s appearance was not just a stunt to attract a larger audience. The host’s performance was received positively by someone who is part of the wrestling industry. The tweet also indicates that Bad Bunny’s efforts were appreciated beyond just the financial benefits he might have brought to the event.

Bad Bunny’s Performance:

Bad Bunny’s wrestling debut was highly anticipated, and he did not disappoint. The artist teamed up with Damian Priest to defeat the team of The Miz and John Morrison. However, it was his job as a host that set Bad Bunny apart from other celebrities who have been part of other WWE events. The singer was passionate, knowledgeable, and clearly enjoyed being part of the wrestling world.

The Impact on Wrestling:

Bad Bunny’s performance at WWE Backlash shows that celebrities can do more than be just money-making tools for wrestling companies. When done right, a celebrity’s involvement can add value to the storytelling and help keep wrestling relevant in today’s world.

The Bottom Line:

Big E’s tweet is evidence that Bad Bunny’s role as a host at WWE Backlash was more than just a commercial stunt. It reflects the impact the singer had on the wrestling world beyond the financial benefits. The event showcased the potential for wrestlers and celebrities to work together and create something truly special.


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Big E’s tweet praising Bad Bunny’s hosting of WWE Backlash reflects the value that the singer brought to the wrestling world beyond just financial benefits. This post explores why Bad Bunny’s appearance as a host was significant and the potential for wrestling and celebrities to work together to create something special. #ENTERTAINMENT

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