BBC verzet zich tegen Twitter-label ‘door de staat gefinancierd’

BBC verzet zich tegen Twitter-label
BBC verzet zich tegen Twitter-label

BBC verzet zich tegen Twitter-label ‘door de staat gefinancierd’

BBC opposes Twitter label ‘state-funded’

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has opposed Twitter’s decision to add a label to their profile describing them as “state-funded”. The label, which was added to the BBC’s Twitter account in May, has caused controversy as it does not accurately describe the corporation’s funding and independence.

What is the controversy?

Twitter’s label implies that the BBC is controlled by the government and therefore biased in its reporting. This is not true, as the BBC is legally independent of the government and funded by a license fee paid by UK households. The label has faced opposition from BBC staff and politicians who argue that it could damage public trust in the corporation and its journalism.

Why Twitter added the label?

Twitter’s decision to add the label is part of their campaign to improve transparency on the platform. The label is intended to signal to users that the BBC operates with some level of government oversight, which could affect its reporting. Twitter has added similar labels to other profile pages that are affiliated with governments or state-owned media outlets.

What is the BBC’s response?

The BBC has formally complained to Twitter about the label, stating that it is misleading and inaccurate. A BBC spokesperson said that the corporation was “neither owned nor funded by the government” and that it was “independent of any political or commercial interests”. The BBC has also pointed out that the label is not applied consistently to other state-funded media outlets.

The debate continues

The controversy surrounding the BBC’s Twitter label has sparked a wider debate about the relationship between the corporation and the UK government. While the BBC is legally independent, it relies on government approval for its funding and is subject to scrutiny from government officials. Some argue that this creates a conflict of interest and could affect the BBC’s reporting on sensitive issues.


The BBC has objected to the label “state-funded” being added to its Twitter account, stating it is inaccurate and misleading. The label implies that the corporation is controlled by the UK government, which is not true as the BBC is legally independent. The controversy has sparked a wider debate about the BBC’s funding and independence from political influence. #BUSINESS

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