Android Auto Introduces WeatherRadar App with Video

Android Auto now has a full weather app with ‘WeatherRadar’ [Video]

Android Auto is revolutionizing the way people use their smartphones while driving. Now, with the addition of a full weather app, drivers can be more prepared for the roads ahead.

The new weather app, called WeatherRadar, is available for free in the Android Auto app store. It provides detailed weather information, including up-to-date radar images and forecasts. The app also provides alerts for severe weather conditions and allows users to set up customized settings to get the most accurate weather data for their location.

In addition to the detailed weather information, WeatherRadar also provides a “Live View” feature. When enabled, WeatherRadar will display a live video of the current weather conditions in the driver’s area. Additionally, the app can be set to remind drivers of upcoming weather conditions, allowing them to be more prepared for potential hazards.

Overall, WeatherRadar provides a useful tool for drivers who need to stay up-to-date on the conditions of their environment. With detailed radar images, forecasts, and alerts, WeatherRadar ensures that drivers have accurate weather information to make the best decisions on their route.

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