1. Rolls-Royce and Airbus Strike Major Agreement 2. EasyJet Receives Double Upgrade 3. Flutter Enters US Market with Initial Public Offering

FIVE at FIVE: Rolls-Royce and Airbus mega-deal, EasyJet’s double upgrade and Flutter’s US float…


FIVE at FIVE: Rolls-Royce and Airbus mega-deal, EasyJet’s double upgrade and Flutter’s US float

Welcome to a brand-new edition of FIVE at FIVE – a quick rundown of the five hottest business stories that have taken the world by storm! Get all the key information you need for the day to stay on top of the biggest news in business.

Rolls-Royce and Airbus: a mega-deal

Rolls-Royce, the iconic British engine manufacturer, and Airbus have signed a mega-deal worth $12 billion. The agreement will see Rolls-Royce provide the engines for Airbus’ entire fleet of aircraft. This marks one of the biggest deals in aviation history and will secure jobs at Rolls-Royce for the foreseeable future.

EasyJet: A double upgrade

EasyJet, Europe’s leading low-cost airline, has announced a double upgrade of its services. The airline will be adding more legroom, larger seats, and improved in-flight entertainment systems to its fleet of aircraft. All of this comes as part of EasyJet’s commitment to improving the customer experience for passengers.

Flutter Entertainments: US float

Flutter Entertainment, the parent company of bookmaker Paddy Power, has announced a float in the United States. This will see the company become one of the biggest listed gambling companies in the world, valued at $11 billion. The float is the latest in a series of expansions for Flutter Entertainment, which has seen them grow their presence in the gambling and betting industry.


This edition of FIVE at FIVE brings you news of a mega-deal between Rolls-Royce and Airbus, a double upgrade from EasyJet, and a float in the US from Flutter Entertainment. Stay up to date with all the latest business news with FIVE at FIVE! #FIVEatFIVE #RollsRoyce #Airbus #EasyJet #FlutterEntertainment #BusinessNews

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